Outside the House

The lawns, landscaping, and gardens are under constant state of improvement. Sitting on just over an acre; we are only 7 blocks from downtown Swainsboro Patriot's Square. There are 16 designated parking spaces, with room for more in nearby areas. The property is surrounded by huge Oak trees, along with Magnolia and Japanese Tulips offering centerpiece views of their own. Mature Dogwoods, Cherry, and Redbuds tender a blooming canopy of visual delight each spring, and then shift to a presentation of wonderful shade for the rest of the summer and fall seasons. Numerous Crape Myrtles carry the load of color throughout the summer while a substantial array of Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias, and Loropetalum round out the entire season with winter and spring flowers, thereby completing the annual picture of color.

We place significant interest in "color" on the grounds at the Edenfield House. The tree and shrub selection is complimented by many in-ground and potted annual flowers to present a fresh and vibrant "wave of color" around the walking areas surrounding the Edenfield House, such as sidewalks, parking lots, and our absolutely stunning front porch.

Edenfield House Front Aaron.jpgFront1.jpgFront2.jpgFront3.jpgFront4.jpgFront5.jpgFront6.jpgFront7.jpgFront8.jpgFront9.jpgFront10.jpgFront11.jpgFront12.jpgFront13.jpgFront14.jpgFront15.jpgFront16.jpgFront17.jpgFront18.jpg