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Hand-crafted from some of the very finest Heart Pine found in the great South, this staircase is truly amazing and will be your guide to the four bedrooms—all with private baths—which await you upstairs. Heart Pine refers to the heartwood of the pine tree; the strongest and most beautiful part of the pine tree because it is drenched in sap for the lifetime of the tree. As you can see, the balusters, newel posts, and all the decorative railings were intricately carved from this high-quality Heart Pine. Built in 1895, the entire home was meticulously constructed using master craftsmen and their apprentices; everything was cut, shaped, planed, finished, and installed by hand...using artisans and their hand tools. Absolutely astounding!

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Stairs IBCThe International Building Code (IBC) now requires stairs to have a maximum of 7" for the "rise" of a stair, while the "run" (depth) must be a minimum of 11". Our stairs meet the "run" standard; however, the rise is only approximately 5 ¾", thus they feel a little short when moving up and down them. Building codes were authored and used as far back as the mid 1700s in Babylon and some European cities, but were not widely used in the U.S. until well into the early 1900s.